Monday, September 26, 2011

Health For Life Cooking in October

Fabulous Fall Favorites

The menu for October classes will include:

Butternut and White Bean Stew
This is a rich and creamy comfort stew that is so delicious and nutritious! The butternut squash gives it this beautiful yellow color which adds important carotenoids, powerful anti-oxidants found primarily in winter squash. White beans and kale are also added to make this stew very satisfying and delicious!

Sweet Basmati Rice w/ Slivered Almonds and Kale
Basmati rice is wonderfully aromatic and smells like popcorn when you cook it. It has a mild sweetness that goes perfect with toasted almonds, shredded carrots, and plump raisins. And believe it or not, kale is a great addition to this dish as well.

Demonstrated with this meal will also be Dijon Pecan Dressing which will be served with a mixed green salad.

Chunky Monkey Pumpkin Cookies
"These are the best cookies I've had" was the comment from one of my taste testers! They also got my 5 year old grandsons approval!
These cookies are loaded with pecans, coconut, raisins, oats, dates, and a small amount of simi-sweet non dairy chocolate chips just to take them over the top!
These contain NO wheat, dairy, or extracted oils. Chocolate chips contain processed sugars.

And there you have it! Health for Life cooking classes in October. Class dates are Wednesday October 5 and Tuesday October 18.

Hope to see you in class.

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Health for Life cooking will demonstrate how to incorporate the wonderful plant foods that nature provides into delicious meals that are rich in phyto-nutrients, protein, calcium, and taste! Processed flours and sugars are rarely used and processed oils are never used! To purchase my cookbooks and find out when my next cooking classes are, visit