Saturday, October 22, 2011

Health for Life Cooking for the Holidays

Holiday Lentil Loaf w/ Mushroom Gravy

This lentil loaf is the perfect replacement for the traditional turkey or ham that most always adorns the holiday table.
Lentils and mushrooms not only provide great nutrition but also provide an earthy rich flavor along with the wonderful holiday herbs of sage, marjoram, rosemary, and thyme. Topped with a mushroom gravy, this loaf is delicious and very filling!

Creamy Cashew Kale
Please remember that the worst looking dishes are sometimes the best! My mouth waters when I think about this dish. The original recipe comes from Dr.Fuhrman but I have tweaked it just a bit to lower the fat content. It's one of the favorites in his archive of recipes. The cashew sauce makes it rich and creamy and so delicious! I'm not sure if you'll get your kids to even try this but
once they do, they will be hooked.

Cranapple Relish Salad
I loved traditional canned cranberry sauce as a kid but these days it would make my head spin from all the sugar! This Cranapple Relish Salad is sweetened completely with apples and dates. It's so delicious I start making it and eating it for breakfast as soon as cranberries are available. Cranberries are high in anti-oxidants so are great for warding off the winter cold.

Pumpkin Pie w/ Non-Dairy Cream
I've made this pumpkin pie for years from canned pumpkin and I'm finally venturing out and using home cooked pumpkin. Sweetened 100% with dates, this pie is wholesome, low fat and delicious!

And there you have it! Health for Life Cooking for the holidays! November classes are Wednesday November 2 and Tuesday November 8. Hope to see you in class! April

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