Sunday, March 22, 2009

Health for Life Cooking in April

Spring into summer healthier and leaner with Health for Life Cooking! Plant foods are your greatest tool to achieve optimal health and your ideal weight! They are naturally low in calorie, high in fiber, and rich in the essential nutrients that are critical for optimal health.
On the menu for this month is Not Meat Loaf, Steamed Asparagus w/ Roasted Garlic Sauce, White Bean Potato Soup, and Raw Berry Pie w/a nut crust. The Not Meat Loaf is a favorite of mine that reminds me of the traditional meat loaf that many of us grew up with. I love it the way I loved meat loaf as a kid....with ketchup. And I will have some home-made ketchup for you to try along with the recipe. It is simple to through together but takes about 45 minutes to cook. The foundation of this loaf is tofu and oats with some veggies, seasonings and sauces added to make it tasty. The garlic sauce on the asparagus (which is in season this time of year) is made with pine nuts and roasted garlic with just a touch of lemon juice. The White Bean Potato soup is a rich creamy hearty soup that could be classified as one of those "comfort foods." And to top off the meal.....Raw Berry Pie. This pie is so healthy, you could eat it for breakfast! No processed sugars are used and the crust in this picture was made with almonds but could be made with pecans, walnuts, or even seeds for those who have allergies to tree nuts. And there you have it! I look forward to having you for dinner!
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  1. Hello April, We took Britt and the family to Las Vegas Yesterday to fly home. Britt is a very quiet person and hard to read. But I've got to tell you she was so excited about your class. About half way back to my home she was talking and asking questions and could really understand why I was so excided about my First Cooking Class with you. Watching you prepare the whole meal was an eye opener for her to understand how to put things together. When we got home we had her husband and son try the food we brought home. And Ron actually ate it and said, he like the taste, he said, he was being honest and never know food without meat could have flavor. Then we all sat in the living room and discussed living a healthier life. John and his son Ron really talked and listened to each other. Britt was so happy and has new hope for change when they get home. Her family has always given her a bad time. Britt wants her family the be healthy and not on RX'sBritt and I have always felt like outcast in the family for the way we enjoy food and our lifestyles. Britt has been eating chicken but says that, that well change and well be giving up that also. April thank you again for being in our lives you make a difference for the better. Kathleen


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