Friday, December 9, 2011

My Holiday Challenge - Be Sugar Free!

There is just something about the sight of a tin of chocolates or a plate of home baked cookies during the holidays that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They look so appealing and taste so delicious! But unfortunately, after I've eaten 5 or 6 (or even just one for that matter) I don't feel so well. A headache quickly comes on, and if I've eaten too many, my back starts to ache. Oh yes, and the instant sugar buzz! Then the voices in my head start saying "you really shouldn't have eaten that." I begin to think about what all that sugar is doing to my body including weakened immune system, calcium depletion, increased acid, and oh my poor pancreas has to work overtime to get that sugar out of my blood stream and into the cells which eventually give me too much energy.....and it's usually at 2 am. Funny how all those things didn't matter BEFORE I partook of the forbidden goodies!

So is all of that really worth the 30 seconds of pleasure? Absolutely not! That is why this year I'm committing to staying processed sugar free through out the holidays, until 2012! I'm also including all so-called "healthy" sugars including agave, maple syrup, honey, and any type of granulated sugar. Click here to find out why.

As the years have gone by and my diet has gotten healthier, I've lost the desire for sugary foods for the most part. It's just this time of year, when well meaning neighbors bring treats and the front desk at work is cluttered with an assortment of cookies and chocolates, that I feel this little tug and a voice inside me that says "It's the holidays! Have a little fun!" Well, I have plenty of fun through out the holidays eating great food, feeling great and enjoying some of my healthy whole food date/nut candies and cookies that don't make me feel horrible and keep me up all night.

This past week I committed to both my Health for Life class and my Bosch class and now I'm telling the world! I would love to have some company! Feel free to post your commitment. To help you out, I've posted a great recipes for Christmas Truffles here.

Happy Holidays and best of health to all in 2012!



  1. I am in sister! I already plan on making a couple of the "healthy" treats you made the other night. I loved those sugar date cookies. I promise to be good. That last information you sent on sugar has me sold. Good luck to all that join you!Allie

  2. April, I can't promise to be 100% sugar free but pretty close. With my recent weight loss and change in eating habits I am working on my sugar intake. I find that if I don't taste it I am better off. Thanks for teaching me so many good things about nutrition and for sharing your delicious recipes. Jan

    1. Agree with not tasting it and being better off! That is why I challenge myself to stay completely away from it. If I give in a little, I'll give in even more. I love the nut candies that are sweetened with dates, raisins, and other fried fruits and they keep me on track with no deprivation! Good luck my friend! And thanks for posting. You have done great!!


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