Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fight Oxidation with Anti-Oxidants

A big thank you to the 18 or so participants in my Kitchen Corner class last night! They discovered how great sprouted wheat berries are in my Ultimate Minestrone and how to make creamy non-dairy soups by blending nuts or seeds. I stressed the importance of consuming a large amount of foods that contain anti-oxidants. These are colorful fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds. Scientists indicate that we get 10,000 oxidative hits a day. I like to compare this to an apple after you cut it open. Set it on the counter for a while and it starts to turn brown. That's oxidation. Eating colorful fruits and veggies that have a lot of anti-oxidants will fight those free radicals that attack our cells and cause us to age and possibly cause our cells to become cancerous.
I also taught this to an amazing group of ladies in my breakfast smoothie class this morning at the Bridge Recovery Center. They learned how to make 3 yummy green smoothies loaded with anti-oxidants.

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